We carefully selected organic and fair trade coffee beans, and extract coffee either by Nel drip or by espresso machine. It is recommended for not only coffee lovers but also for people who don’t really like coffee.
We only use organic Nepal tea which has just a hint of flavor with a delicate and clear impression as it also has a lot in common with Darjeeling whose production area is next to Nepal tea.

All the ingredients we use is seasonal and organic as much as possible. We try to use ingredients and seasonings which don’t contain any additives and preservatives.

The waterfront town, along “River Uchikawa”, that I had never been to but somehow it reminded me of the old days. I met a house shaped hexagon that had nostalgic wooden glass flames. A tatami mat shop reborn as a cafe.

A lot of ships that are actively used every day along gently curved river. Houses that have narrow frontage and the long depth and are built in the limited space with the neighbors close together. The more you visit there, the more you find it interesting.
Make a party of our PizzaWich, Rokkakudo's famous sandwiches now in pizza form! Our boxed sandwiches and coffee are perfect for enjoying on a stroll along the Uchikawa River. The options are endless!