The story of how I met Uchikawa.

We happened to get to know Shinminato district in Imizu city in Toyama prefecture.
“Uchikawa” is the river that has been flowing there since a thousand hundreds years ago with people’s lives. This really is an “active river”.
A lot of ships for fixed shore net fishing method are aligned along gently curved river. Houses that have narrow frontage and the long depth and are built in the limited space with the neighbors close together. Very unique bridges.
This is the town that leaves vivid history of serving marine transportation and lets us feel the culture of everyday life of fishing industry.
Various things exist in a great balance and somehow it made me feel like recalling memories of my old days.
It looks like a town that is floating on the water... We fell in love with this scenery at the first visit.

Encounter with the building

The old tatami mat shop that has a rare shape.
When we were enjoying strolling around Uchikawa out of mere curiosity, we happened to find this empty house that created a flavorful atmosphere.
It was located at the corner of three-way junction of narrow road and was hexagonal shaped after experiencing two cuts of the edge from a square shape. This cuts are called “Sumikiri” in this area.
The house, about 70 years old then, had wooden flamed glasses all over the walls, which made us recollect old memories.
It had lost it’s owner for more than 5 years. Buildings deteriorate quickly once it lose someone to live.
Most houses along river Uchikawa are 70-80 years old and they are planned to be torn down.
The unique scenery has been changing as old houses are demolished.
We thought it was very sad to lose this scenery, so we could get the house with the strong will of putting breaks on to that trend.


Let’s have this empty house changed into a wonderful place such as everyone would like to do the same and would love to visit. It may help reserving the scenery of Uchikawa.
This is how I first decided to change this old tatami mat store into a lovely cafe.
It was such a enjoyable time to think about renovation, leaving retro design and the memories of tatami mat store with adding some new design.
We tried to renovate every details including food and drink we would serve there. They had to be not only safe and delicious but also to please every customers.
Back then, not many people knew this place and Uchikawa itself was not even well-known.
However, I have kept running this cafe for 5 years with my hope of making a good place while enjoying what I like, what I cherish in this area and wonderful encounters.
Using this opportunity, I redesigned the WEB page of uchikawa Rokkakudo.
Please continue your support of this cafe.