Recruitment position

Full-time and Part-time employee

Working details

【Cafe staff】
・Overall services of the cafe, cooking and preparing drinks, planning events and proposing idea to make the cafe more attractive.
・It is a great opportunity for those who would like to open a cafe someday to learn purchasing, making a menu and variety of work related to cafe management.

Work location

「cafe uchikawa Rokkakudo」
 1-20-13 Hachiman machi Imizu city, Toyama 〒934-0025

On-duty hours

Business hours 9:30am - 8:30pm
【Full-time worker】Five-day workweek system
【Part-time worker】more than 6 hours a day and 3days a week.  
※Date and time are set by consultation


Mondays, the first Tuesday of a month, the end of a year and new year days

Compensation package and Pay

【Full-time worker】
・180,000 yen and up per month  ※Experience and special ability are taken into account
・Commuting by car is accepted, uniform will be lent
・Transportation fee will be subsidized
・Housing allowance will be subsidized
・Social insurance will be prepared
・Promotion will be considered

【Part-time worker】
・850 yen and up per hour  ※Experience and special ability are taken into account
・Commuting by car is accepted, uniform will be lent
・Transportation fee will be subsidized
・Appointment of permanent employee is available
・Social insurance will be prepared (there would be some limitations depend on your working hours)
・Promotion will be considered


・Need a regular driver’s license
・Working experience at cafe and restaurant are especially welcome.
・Those who are willing to improve and challenge new things.

Other topics

 Thanks to mass-communication such as magazines, professional journals, newspapers and TV programs in and out of Toyama prefecture, cafe uchikawa Rokkakudo has been featured a lot so far.
 I will continue doing our best to make this place more attractive so that it will lead to publicize the charms of the area. I hope the staffs to have enough pride and confident to work here.
 “cafe Uchikawa Rokkakudo” is serving coffee and sandwiches that are made with strictly selected ingredients. This can be done only by having great relationship with producers, which is the same as the neighborhood and customers.
 Why don’t you work to energize the area through ties with people and your own proposal? Let’s make a cafe that would be a role model of vivacious commercial place in an area in Japan.

How to apply?

Please send the following documents by postal mail.
1. Resume (with your picture)
2. Short essay to appeal yourself (a sheet of A4 size paper)
(※Part-time workers are only required #1)
Within two weeks after arrival of your documents, a person in charge will contact you.
【Destination address and Inquiries】
Regional Exchange Center. Inc. 19-1 hojyozu-city, Toyama 〒934-0022