Introducing the PizzaWich, our long-popular Rokkakudo sandwich menu turned into pizzas!
With all the goodness of a Rokkakudo sandwich in a pizza, and even more toppings, the PizzaWich offers a completely new taste experience that will still remind you of our famous sandwiches.
Whether you love sandwiches or pizza, you're sure to love the PizzaWich!
Click on the individual pizza photos to see descriptions of the sandwiches they are based on (main ingredients and prices shown are for the sandwich versions).
¥2,350 ¥3,350
¥2,450 ¥3,700
¥1,950 ¥2,550
¥2,550 ¥3,850
¥2,200 ¥3,400
¥2,300 ¥3,650
¥2,350 ¥3,350
¥2,300 ¥3,400
¥2,450 ¥3,700
¥2,200 ¥3,200
¥2,750 ¥3,850
Choose two side orders from among three available varieties.
(each is a single portion)
❶ Drinks that come with the set
❷ Seasonal organic vegetable salad (homemade dressing)
❸ Domestic potato chips (no chemical seasonings)
Orders and Reservations
  • For reservations, please call us at 0766-30-2924.
  • When ordering in-store without a reservation, wait times may be 30 minutes or more, as each PizzaWich is made to rder.
  • The fresh vegetables offered as toppings for your PizzaWich are provided in a separate container to maintain freshness.